Data Analyst

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

OYO MESH (IoT) team is looking for data analysts to join in Bangalore. - The Data Analyst will help the team with building automated algorithms, end-to-end data products, and business insights. The role requires high technical aptitude and problem-solving abilities, motivation, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for data discovery, analytics and data visualization.


Some of the attractive pluses of the job are:


A real opportunity to expand your skill-sets and a chance to learn and use the latest advances and approaches in data science on large, real-world data-sets.


Working at a fast-paced work environment where you are expected to be self-motivated and are measured on your performance.


Job Responsibilities:


- Ability to understand a problem statement and implement analytical solutions & techniques to come up with the solution


- Conduct research and prototyping innovations; data and requirements gathering; solution scoping and architecture


- Conduct advanced statistical analysis to provide actionable insights, identify trends, and measure performance


- Design experiments, test hypotheses, build models, drive control groups and scale what works


- Work with various stakeholders to identify the business requirements, define working methodologies and the expected outcome


- Recommend ongoing improvements to methods, algorithms, tools and products


- Make OYO a data-driven organization by creating platforms to better access, interpret and use data in driving day-to-day decisions and business functioning


Experience Required:


- Expert level proficiency in SQL and at least one of: R and Python with 1- 3 years of experience.


- Ability to discover efficient solutions to complex problems.


- Strong skills in data structures and algorithms.


- Problem-solving: Ability to break the problem into small problems and think of relevant techniques which can be explored & used to cater to those


- Basic understanding of statistical modeling (Regression, Clustering, Decision trees), machine learning (good-to-have), probability theory, statistics and algorithms. You will be required to discuss and use various algorithms and approaches on a daily basis.

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